Payment machine
Payment machine offers a large number of benefits to users and members of sports centers. The benefits are as follows:

- payment of the membership fee
- payment of money for the use of the appointment
- reservation of the appointment
- check of the user's account balance
- non-stop working hours
- automatic transfer of payments to the user's accounts
- synchronization of reservations with the database and available dates
- permanent insight of the administrator into the amount of money paid
- printout of a receipt or invoice for the amount paid
- fiscalization of the account
- permanent supervision of the administrator into the events of member payments

Payment machine does not require additional intervention by the staff, except for emptying the money.

Payment options for members are:
- banknotes
- coins
- credit cards

The machine does not return change.

In the case of payment of more money than the debt or the amount of the membership fee, the machine transfers the excess money to the payment for the next use of the term.
To use the machine, it is necessary to secure a place in a closed club room where all members have access, as well as an electricity and internet connection.
There are and additional options for displaying ads or similar information when the machine is not in use.

The machine was completely developed and tested by the company C.S.H. d.o.o. Vinkovci.
Maintenance provided.

In case of additional questions or product offer, please contact us via contact form.

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